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Studying in London, United Kingdom

Studying in London, United KingdomAs a student in London, you get the opportunity to experience, and be part of, one of the largest and most vibrant metropolitan worlds. Here you need not be afraid to get bored!

With over 8 million inhabitants, London is the most populous region in the United Kingdom. Over 300 different languages ​​are spoken within city limits and London is a true crucible that attracts people from all over the world.

Where can I study in London?

We work with several universities in London:

  • London Metropolitan University
  • BIMM Institute

We offer free guidance and can help you throughout the process.

What can I study in London?

  • Study Abroad (1-2 semester)
  • Degree
  • Masters
  • Short English course
  • Diploma / Pathway (a specialization in your field)
  • Summer school (From 2 to 12 weeks depending on where you study)

10 free activities in London

  • Art galleries: The national galleries Tate Modern and Tate Britain house some of the world's finest works of art. Other major art galleries in London worth a visit are the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. Another benefit of being interested in art in London is that many of the major art galleries and museums stay open until late at night.
  • Museum: All of London's largest museums have free admission, but there is a small fee for special exhibitions. At the Museum of London you can get an insight into London's history from Roman times to today.
  • London's parks and gardens: Experience Queen Mary's rose garden in Regent's Park or visit St. James Park where you may find what may be the best view of Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens which are located side by side are huge. Here you will find, among other things, the memorial (a children's playground) to the popular Princess Diana and the statue of Peter Pan.
  • The Guardian Swap: A stay in London is simply not complete without having seen the traditional guard swap among the Queen's guardians. The Queen's Guardians in London have a change of guard in what is called the Fourecourt area inside the gates of Buckingham Palace - at. 11.30 every day in summer and every other day in winter. Arrive well in advance and watch the show from outside the gates.
  • South Bank: It's amazing how many of London's landmarks one can see while strolling along the River Thames. Two examples are the London Eye and the Tate Museum of Modern Art.
  • Trafalgar Square: The square that was built in the 1830s is one of the UK's most popular tourist attractions. At the iconic square you will also find other interesting attractions, such as Nelson's Column and the National Gallery. Trafalgar Square is not only a tourist attraction, but also the site of several police demonstrations.
  • Street artists: The west square of the Covent Garden market has street artists who can entertain you every afternoon. Talented artists often draw large crowds and the artists love to involve the audience in their performances. Everyone who performs here must have a special license that one receives after passing an audition. On weekends you will find several street performers along the South Bank, especially outside the National Theater.
  • Street markets: London is known for its many and rich street markets. The most popular are Camden Market and Portobello Market, closely followed by Greenwich Market.
  • Westminister Abbey: Entrance to this majestic church is free. Still, remember that although the church never requires payment of people who come to worship, the church relies on ticket sales to cover its expenses. Evening Song (Evensong) is the finest of the services where the church choir sings. Evening song is held at. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as 5 p.m. 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Free Concerts: Both the Southbank Center and the National Theater at the South Bank area offer many free concerts and other musical events. At the Royal Opera House, the audience is welcome to a free concert every Monday around lunchtime. Free lunch concerts are also offered at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. On Saturdays, however, you should head to the Notting Hill Arts Club.

Want to know more about studying in London?

Didn't find what you were looking for, or have any questions about studying in London? Book a meeting with us! Our study guides have long experience of sending Norwegian students to London and can answer anything you wonder. When you book a meeting with us you get free advice on studying in London and we can, among other things, help you to search, choose a study program, find accommodation and set a budget. You are most welcome in one of our stores, but we can also take the meeting over the phone.

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